25 Dekabr 2020

Polshaning Drotex kompaniyasi tomonidan to’qimachilik mahsulotlarini ishlab chiqarishni ochish rejalari muhokama qilindi

During the business visit of the Coordinator of the Investment Attraction and Development Project «Invest in Uzbekistan» and the Law Firm «S. Verenin’s Legal Group» Sergei Ivanovich Verenin, organized with the assistance and participation of the Head of the Tashkent Bureau of the Polish Investment & Trade Agency Ozierski Przemyslaw to the Republic of Poland with the heads of large Polish manufacturing enterprises.

Polish Investment & Trade Agency supports both the overseas expansion of Polish business and the inflow of foreign direct investment to Poland. By supporting entrepreneurs, the Agency helps to overcome the administrative and legal procedures associated with specific projects, and also helps to develop legal solutions, find a suitable place, reliable partners and suppliers.

So, on December 17, Sergey Verenin and Przemislam Osiersky held negotiations with representatives of the Drotex company. On the part of Drotex, the negotiations were attended by the chairman of the company Jean Drozdzeil, sales manager Szumon Drozdzeil and project coordinator Vieslav Matisiak.

Note: Drotex is a family-owned company operating on the market since 1992. Provides services in the field of industrial energy and textile technologies for business clients and organizations. They are a general contractor, supplier and guarantor of contracts in the field of industrial energy and textile industry.

The parties discussed plans for a Polish company to enter the market of the Republic of Uzbekistan and to establish the production of textile products with high added value. The company noted the attractiveness of conditions for the implementation of high-tech enterprises in the textile industry in Uzbekistan.

Following the negotiations, the parties took memorable photos and exchanged contacts.