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Bakery “Abdusamad non”PE

Lot № DEC-24-4

Entity Name:

Abdusamad non

Legal formation:

Private enterprise

Date of establishment:

November 8, 2018

Legal address:

Surkhandarya region, Angor district, settlement Yangiturmush

The main founders and their share capital:

Sherdanov Abdusamad 100%

Branch of economy:

Light industry

Annual income:

85 000 USD

Export share in product

Charter capital

2 000 USD

Total land area occupied

0.5 ha.

Buildings and structures:

0,38 ha.

Technological equipment

Type of equipment

Year of manufacture


Country of origin and manufacture 

Rotary kiln




Flame Oven

2008, 2018


Russia, China

For kneading dough



Italy, Germany

Engineering infrastructure and supply (gas, water, electricity, railway):

Water, electricity, gas

Staff in total:

25 people

Estimated cost of company:

85 000 USD

The essence of the request from the company  (need a credit, an investor for a share in the company, another)


Need a credit

Amount of required investment or credit (USD):

70  000 USD

Investment usage direction: (investment usage)

Buy additional equipment and make major repairs indoors

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