“S.Verenin’s legal group” Law firm

 “S.Verenin’s legal group” Law firm registered in the Register of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the number 467, was established in June 2011 by converting The law office of “S.Verenin’s”, which has been operating since 2004, and the joining of the law office “ADVICE OPTIM”, which also has been operating since 2004.

  Being involved in a business advocacy since its establishment in 2004, the specialists of the Law Offices of S.Verenin’s and  ADVICE OPTIM, united to law firm “S.Verenin’s legal group” in 2011, which became their successor, have gained sufficient experience in protecting and representing the business interests of foreign companies in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The subject of the company’s activity is the implementation by its partners law practice and the provision of legal and consulting services by the firm to its principals on all business issues in the Republic of Uzbekistan, including those related to the protection of the interests of foreign investors. In their work, employees of the S.Verenin’s legal group law firm adhere to high standards of fairness, honesty and correctness in relations with principals and avoid any practice that would damage the law firm’s reputation or the authority of its employees.