International ratings

Changes in the economy, politics and security of Uzbekistan that noted the foreign media and ratings:

  1. American Journal Forbes. On December 21, the publication published a list of countries ideal for doing business in 2018, in which Uzbekistan took 99th place. Countries were selected by evaluating such criteria as property rights, the level of innovation, the level of taxation, the level of corruption, personal, financial and trade freedom, bureaucracy and investment protection.
  2. World Bank Group “Doing business-2019”. According to the report of the World Bank Group, Uzbekistan ranks 76th in the ranking of countries on the ease of doing business in 2018.
  3. Institute for Economics and Peace. According to a study by the Institute of Economics and Peace, it became known that Uzbekistan ranked 125th place in 20th November 2017. In the annual “Global Terrorism Index 2017”. It involved 163 countries. Lower positions suggest that the safety in the country is at the maximum stage. The level of terrorist danger in Uzbekistan is only 0.077 points out of 10 points. The country ranked 117th in 2016. “Falling” to the 125th mark indicates that the level of terrorist activity is minimal.
  4. Sustainable Development Solutions Network. In the world ranking of happiness, which is compiled by the organization Sustainable Development Solutions Network with the support of the UN, Uzbekistan ranked 47th among 55 countries of the world. The level of happiness is estimated by the GDP per person, by the quality of social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom of choice, generosity and freedom from corruption.
  5. International Telecommunication Union. In the Global Cyber Security Ranking (GCI), Uzbekistan ranked 93rd in the list of all countries, and 9th among the CIS countries. This suggests that Uzbekistan makes maximum efforts in the field of ICT and first of all it is guided by security.
  6. Global Firepower Research Center. The army of Uzbekistan ranked 48th in power of the armed forces in the ranking of 126 countries and became the 3rd after Russia  and Ukraine among the CIS countries. As of today, 420 tanks, 164 aircraft, 715 infantry combat vehicles and other equipment are at the disposal of the country’s armed forces.  The military budget of the country is 70 million dollars.