Culture and social relations in Uzbekistan have an ancient history.   Among the mass media it should be singled out (over 1300) the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan, regional television and radio companies, FM radio stations, government newspapers, as well as Internet resources.

Television and radio industry in Uzbekistan received rapid development in connection with the transition to digital technology.

881 publications were published in the country in 2010. Uzbekistan publishes newspapers in Uzbek, Karakalpak (“Erkin Karakalpakstan”), Tajik (“Ovozi Tozhik”), Kazakh (“Nurly Jol”), Russian and other languages. Book publishing is also well developed: the total annual circulation of books published in the republic increased from 8.9 million copies up to 28.5 million copies between 2000–2010. However, the distribution of publications among the population is hampered by the fact that the book-selling network has declined after privatization: the number of bookstores in Uzbekistan decreased from 657 to 70 between 1990–2010.

Cultural institutions:

  • Creative-Production Association “Uzbekteatr”
  • State institution “Uzbekconcert”
  • General Directorate of the International Music Festival “Sharq Taronalari”
  • Directorate of academic, folk and art groups
  • Orchestras (symphonic, chamber, folk instruments)
  • Republican Association “Uzbekgossirk”
  • Republican Methodological and Information Center
  • House of creative youth
  • Republican Scientific and Methodological Center for Folk Art and Cultural and Educational Work
  • Main Scientific and Production Department for the Protection and Use of Cultural Heritage Objects
  • Management of artistic expertise
  • Republican Fund “Uzbekmuseum”, museums of the republic.

There are about 40 theaters in the Republic, among which are – the Big Academic State Theatre named Alisher Navoi, the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre of Uzbekistan, the Ilkhom Theatre, there is also a conservatory. The National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan makes a great contribution to art.

State holydays

Oliy Majlis adopted the law on public holydays and declared the following public holydays in 2nd July 1992:

  • 1st January – New Year
  • 14th January – Defenders day
  • 8th March – International Women’s day
  • 21th March – Navruz
  • 9th May – Day of memory and honors
  • 1st September – Independence day
  • 1st October – Teacher’s day
  • 8th December – Constitution’s Day
  • Religious holydays Ramadan and Qurban

All these days except Defender’s day are days off.


The Uzbek authorities decided to translate the Uzbek language from Cyrillic to Latin in 1993.