Mobile app


The TAYYOR.BIZ app is a communication platform for all who are interested in disclosing the investment potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The TAYYOR.BIZ app provides an opportunity to find an attractive investment object in the booming market of Uzbekistan. For local entrepreneurs, this is an attractive opportunity to find an investor.

The app is inextricably linked with the investment portal, which was created in mutual cooperation with the law firm “S. Verenin’s legal group” and the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UZLiDeP), as a party of entrepreneurs.

With the TAYYOR.BIZ app you will always be aware of current events and transformations in Uzbekistan, and you can also apply in an emergency format to the call center of the project for advice on legal issues. Also in the TAYYOR.BIZ application you can be always aware of the new legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the assessments of experts affecting the investment climate of the country.