19 February 2019

World Bank Group Report

On Monday, the World Bank Group presented the results of a study of the private sector in Uzbekistan. The study is called “Creating markets in Uzbekistan: From stabilization to competitiveness”(in Russian).

The priority goals of Uzbekistan for development are employment, entrepreneurship, export and energy efficiency. Based on these goals, the World Bank has chosen four sectors with significant market potential, which, if implemented, can help the country’s economy to ensure higher economic growth rates.

Air transport and ICT are sectors in which better infrastructure, greater efficiency and market liberalization can increase investment to create new markets and better integrate into the world economy, with additional growth engines. In the fruit-growing and chemical industries, Uzbekistan still has a hidden comparative advantage and significant reserves that can be used more efficiently.

Experts believe that in order to create competitive jobs, an increase in the export of non-natural resources should be supported by stronger private sector companies.

You can view World Bank reports at the following link: invest-in-uzbekistan.org/en/otchety-mezhdunarodnyh-organizatsij/vsemirnyj-bank/