17 March 2022

Uzbekistan’s gas production increased by almost 8% in 2021

Natural gas production in Uzbekistan in 2021 increased by 7.9% compared to 2020, reaching 53.6 billion cubic meters, a Dunyo correspondent reports.

According to the Ministry of Finance, natural gas imports increased by 89.3% – to 3.3 billion cubic meters, while exports increased by 60.3% – to 5.7 billion cubic meters. Gas consumption by the population increased by 7.5% compared to 2020. The share of economic sectors in the consumption of natural gas reached 59%, amounting to 30.3 billion cubic meters.

Electricity production in 2021 increased by 7.3% and reached 71.3 billion kWh. Electricity imports amounted to 6.2 billion kWh, which is 17.4% more than in 2020. Exports remained virtually unchanged and amounted to 2.7 billion kWh.