14 April 2020

VAT refund: prompt and transparent

During the quarantine period, the State Tax Committee stepped up work on the return of value added tax as a result of applying a zero tax rate on the export of goods.

In anti-crisis conditions, the implementation of this right is a systemic support for exporting enterprises, as well as companies that find themselves in a difficult financial situation.

The right of taxpayers to timely set off or refund amounts of excessively paid or excessively collected taxes, penalties and fines is regulated by article 21 of the Tax Code.

The procedure for submitting documents and receiving a VAT refund has been greatly simplified. Now the taxpayer applies for a VAT refund directly to the State Tax Committee without a territorial intermediary represented by the GNU, as it was before.

The exclusion of an additional barrier greatly facilitates the interaction: it is enough for the taxpayer to send an appeal in electronic form to the STC through a personal account. The review procedure has been reduced to 3 days. Also expanded the composition of the working group dealing with this issue.