28 August 2019

State bodies are entrusted to increase the localization of production

On August 24, 2019, the President signed the Decree “On further increasing the responsibility of local and state government bodies and executive authorities for the introduction of new production localization system and accelerating cooperative ties in industries” in order to create a unified system for localizing industrial production in the republic.

In accordance with the Decree, the post of assistant hokim (head of region or city) of regions for localization of production and the expansion of cooperation in industry will be introduced into the structure of hokimiyats (administration of a region, city or district). A working group will also be created under his leadership.

In enterprises with a state share of 50% or more, the position of the first deputy head of the enterprise on localization, expansion of cooperation ties in industry and information technologies will also be introduced, through which purchases of products and their technical tasks will be coordinated. In addition, mechanisms will be introduced to conduct a quarterly external audit of import purchases and the efficient use of foreign exchange resources.

A separate structural unit for continuous analysis and monitoring of imports will be created in the Accounts Chamber, which will conduct regular analysis of the volumes and nomenclature of imports carried out at the expense of budget and state trust funds, as well as enterprises with a state share of 50% or more.

The Ministry of Economy and Industry, together with the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade and other interested parties, was entrusted to submit a project within two months envisaging an increase in the production of localized products in the years 2019-2021 by at least 20%, in particular, the introduction of new projects for the development of goods with high share of imports.