11 November 2019

Sahid Hotels & Resorts is building a second hotel in Uzbekistan

PT Sahid Hotel Management & Consultant (Sahid Hotels & Resorts) and Devel Eco Group LLC is building a second hotel in Uzbekistan. The hotel, Sahid Zarafshon Bukhara, is planned to start operation in February 2020.

Managing Director of Sahid Hotels And Resorts, Hariyadi Sukamdani stated that the reason why Sahid Hotels is expanding to Uzbekistan is the development of the city’s tourism industry.

“Bukhara is the center of Islamic civilization and trade in Central Asia,” he explained at the signing of the Hotel Management Agreement (HMA) in Jakarta on Friday.

Hariyadi explained that Uzbekistan is also famous for the architectural beauty of its historic buildings. Also, it is the birthplace of one of the well-respected Islamic priests, Imam Al Bukhori.

President Director of Devel Eco Group LLC, Rashidov Nasriddin, said that Indonesia and Uzbekistan have an important history, which makes it important to establish closer relations.