23 June 2020

Tourists infected with coronavirus in Uzbekistan to receive $3,000 compensation

A system of sanitary and epidemiological safety «Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED» is being introduced for tourists

The provision of services by tour operators to foreign tourists during the quarantine period is carried out exclusively in tourist and related infrastructure facilities included in the register of safe facilities of this system.

This system is mandatory for foreign tourists.

According to the Decree, a Safe Tourism Fund is being established with the introduction of a compensation mechanism of $3,000 in the event of foreign tourists being infected with coronavirus infection (COVID-19) while travelling in Uzbekistan.

The Ordinance will establish a plan to reduce the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic and global crises on the country’s tourism industry.

At least 10 billion sum will be allocated from the Crisis Fund for the implementation of this plan of measures in 2020.