20 September 2019

Investor will granted an “Investment visa”

A new Presidential Decree aims to introduce Investment Visas

Relevant additions will be made to the Decree on Additional Measures for the Accelerated Development of Tourism dated January 5, 2019.

Nowadays, there are five Visa types to enter Uzbekistan: “Vatandosh”, “Student visa”, “Academic visa”, “Medical visa”, “Piligrim visa”. A new Investment Visa is now being introduced in order to further increase the level of investment attractiveness of the country.

It shall be granted to foreigners and apatrides invested in the economy of Uzbekistan at least 8,500 minimum wages, which is approximately 200,000 USD as of date.

The common term of Investment Visa validity shall be 3 years, which is also, of course, a significant step forward from the current order.