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14 January 2020

Most of the companies in 2019 were registered with the participation of Chinese capital

According to the State Committee on Statistics, the most of the companies with foreign capital were opened by investors from China in 2019 in Uzbekistan.

As of 1 January 2020, 1652 companies created by entrepreneurs from China were registered in the country, which is 531 more than last year. In this connection, the number of Chinese companies operating in the republic increased by almost a third.

However, in terms of the number of operating companies, the leading position is held by companies with the participation of business circles of the Russian Federation, which own 1828 companies. Of these, 401 were created in 2019. China is in second place.

Turkey takes third place: 1271 companies, of which 397 were opened during the past year.

In total, 7560 companies with foreign capital currently operate in Uzbekistan.

Last year 2043 of them were created. The status of a joint venture is 4006 companies, the remaining 3554 are foreign.

The great interest of foreign entrepreneurs in the development of business in the capital – in Tashkent. This is where the vast majority of companies with foreign capital are located – 4728 (62.5%). Also, entrepreneurs often choose the Tashkent region (851 companies, or 11.3%) and the Samarkand region (396 companies, or 5.2%). 2995 companies (39.6%) work in industry, 1668 (22.0%) in trade.