13 July 2020

Kokand Mechanical Plant is being prepared for privatization

The Kokand Mechanical Plant is being prepared for privatization, according to the press service of the State Assets Management Agency. A 64.08% government package will be sold to private investors.

In order to participate in the competition, investors must send proposals to the agency by 20 July, in which the offered amount of the buy-out must be included, as well as brief information on:

the investment project planned on the basis of the plant;
 the duration of the implementation;
the amount of investments;
 the number of new jobs created.

The offers received will be consolidated and will determine the best initial terms of sale of the package, after which it will be tendered.

Contacts for sending applications can be found in the agency’s message. JSC «Qo’qon mexanika zavodi» was created in 1933 on the base of «Repair and Mechanical Workshop». The plant mainly provides services for the oil and gas industry.