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22 May 2019

Benefits for producers and users of renewable energy sources

The President signed the Law “On the Use of Renewable Energy Sources”, which defines the main directions of state policy in this area, including strengthening the country’s energy security, diversifying the fuel and energy balance in terms of the production of electricity, heat and biogas, introducing innovative technologies in this sphere and energy efficiency.

Thus, energy producers from renewable energy sources are exempt from paying property tax for installing renewable energy sources and land tax on the areas occupied by these installations (with a nominal capacity of 0.1 MW or more) for a period of ten years from the date of their commissioning.

Producers of renewable energy installations are also exempt from paying all types of taxes for a period of five years from the date of their state registration.

Exempt from the payment of land tax, as well as the tax on property of individuals using renewable energy sources in residential premises with a complete disconnection from the existing networks of energy resources for a period of three years, starting with the commissioning of this equipment.