10 September 2019

International Conference “Investor: Course on Uzbekistan!”

September 26, at the Palace of Friendship of Peoples, a discussion will be held between entrepreneurs and officials on the topic of investment and business in the context of the upcoming transformation of state systems.

Since 2020, according to the decree of the President, a number of important changes will take place in the economic and financial sectors of Uzbekistan – many companies will switch to international standards, the new Tax Code will come into force, innovative ways of attracting investments will be opened.

In order for all interested market participants to be able to timely understand the nuances of the transition period and adopt international experience, the conference “Investor: heading towards Uzbekistan!” was organized.

4,000 participants, international speakers, urgent issues about attracting investments, an economic forecast by the Ministry of Finance – this and much more awaits you at this large-scale event.

The conference will be useful to:

those who want to set up their own business;



business owners;


financiers and economists;

auditors and tax consultants.

Event Speakers are:

Representatives of the Ministry of Finance;

Representatives of the Ministry of Innovative Development;

Representatives of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade;

Experts of the Central Asian Economic Forum (Kazakhstan);

Startup Expert (Dubai, Australia);

Profi Training business school experts and others.

Participation in the conference will allow you to:

learn how to start and scale a startup;

find out how to attract investors and what guarantees await them;

receive answers about controversial issues in the new edition of the Tax Code;

understand the nuances of the transition to international standards;

understand the business prospects for the next five years;

make useful contacts.

The purpose of the conference is to increase business literacy, highlight the essence of reforms in the Republic in the economic sphere and develop partnerships with international participants.

In the program of the event:

Top occupations 2020;

Foreign investment is on the verge of transformation;

Presentations of projects (startups) for potential investors;

World practice examples from international experts;

The new edition of the Tax Code: pitfalls and opportunities;

The financial system 2020: the boundaries that open.

Venue: Palace of “Friendship of Peoples”

Date: September 26, 2019, from 09:00 to 18:00

Organizers: Profi Training Business School and the Ministry of Innovation Development

Registration by phone: +998712002427, +998909572427

Website: uztraining.uz

Telegram channel