30 June 2020

Anti-corruption Agency established

A Presidential Decree «On additional measures to improve the system of combating corruption in the Republic of Uzbekistan» was adopted.

In accordance with the Decree, the Anti-corruption Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan (the Agency) was established.

The Agency is a specially authorized State body responsible for the formulation and implementation of State policy in the area of preventing and combating corruption.

The Agency is subordinate to the President and reports to the Chambers of the Oliy Majlis.

The Decree defines the main tasks and directions of the Agency’s activities. In particular, the Agency provides a systematic analysis of the state of corruption in the country.

The Agency conducts a comprehensive analysis of the results of investigations into corruption offences, particularly those that are harmful to the national interests and international authority of Uzbekistan.

The Agency is also granted a number of rights:

to request, receive and study materials relating to the expenditure of budgetary resources, the disposal of State assets, State procurement, the implementation of investment projects and the implementation of State programmes;

to consider appeals by natural and legal persons concerning corruption and to take measures to restore their violated rights and protect their legitimate interests;

conduct administrative investigations into corruption offences;

to issue binding orders for the suspension or annulment of decisions of executive authorities, economic administration bodies and their officials if they reveal signs of corruption.

Warnings, representations and communications from the Agency are subject to a mandatory written review within 10 days.