09 October 2020

The tasks of the commission for the development of exports and investments are determined

The Government Resolution (No. 601, 06.10.2020) approved the Regulation on the Government Commission for the Development of Export and Investment.

In accordance with the Regulation, the Deputy Prime Minister for Investments and Foreign Economic Relations – Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade is the chairman of the Government Commission.

The main tasks of the commission are as follows:

development of export potential;

ensuring the efficient implementation of investment projects;

creation of industrial clusters in regions and localization of production;

control over the implementation of the “road maps” approved for the implementation of documents signed during high-level visits.

The working bodies of the Government Commission are:

Secretariat for Investments, Export Support and Foreign Economic Relations of the Cabinet of Ministers;

Department for the development of industry and its basic industries, as well as corporate relations.