03 October 2019

The President held a meeting on the development of auto-roads

On October 2, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on the development of auto-roads and the wide attraction of investments in this area.

It was noted that in Uzbekistan 98% of cargo transportation and 88% of passenger transportation are carried out using cars and in such conditions there is an urgent necessity for a developed auto-road infrastructure.

The importance of actively involving international organizations and private partners in the construction and repair of roads was also discussed. In particular, instructions were given on the implementation of 18 large projects based on cooperation, covering 1.6 thousand kilometers of roads of international and national importance.

The President also instructed to form a working group on drastic changes of the road sector and to develop a Strategy for the development of auto-roads for 2020-2030. It shall primarily determine measures to radically improve the road management system.

Much attention is paid to the construction of high-speed autobahns in conjunction with the German partners of the design institute in the field of road construction, as well as a radical review of the regulatory framework in the field of road construction, taking into account the climate and transport traffic of the country.