20 March 2019

Foreign trade activities will be simplified

In Uzbekistan in recent years there has been a steady increase in exports and imports. However, despite the measures taken, Uzbekistan ranked 165th in the World Bank Doing Business – 2019 report on the International Trade Index.

In this regard, the Ministry of Justice, in conjunction with the State Customs Committee, conducted a study of legislation and law enforcement practice in the field of passing permits issuance procedures, control procedures at customs external economic and border posts in the implementation of foreign economic activity.

Based on all the data obtained and the study of world practice, the Ministry of Justice has developed a project that includes:
• reduction of procedures, deadlines and documents required for processing permits and passing controls at posts;
• fully ensuring the functioning of the customs information system, which allows to submit applications in real time and obtain permits with an assigned QR code, on the basis of the HS code, conduct automatic analysis, remotely track the process of issuing permits;
• development of Regulations on control procedures at posts, as well as risk management systems, etc.