16 November 2020

Free enterprise designated principal pillar of development in Kashkadarya

As the meeting in Karshi continued through, its participants discussed complex development of the region.

“The situation in Kashkadarya must radically change in all spheres. The province wields all the capacities and potential for this. Everyone should wake up,” the President said.

Building on the proposals of hokims and analysis of problems in the region, entrepreneurship has been defined as key pillar. 2021 has been declared the year of entrepreneurship advancement in the Kashkadarya region. For targeted work, districts and towns are assigned to ministers, heads of industries and banks.

The head of state noted the need to specialize regions in specific areas of the economy, taking into account market conditions and growth points.

The Ministry of Finance has been instructed to create a mechanism for providing subsidies for the development of land for animal husbandry and raising cattle.

950 projects worth 28 trillion soums have been developed for implementation in the region in 2021-2022. Their execution is anticipated to help create 15 thousand jobs.

“The path we have chosen is a thorny one. We have big plans for Kashkadarya, enormous funds have been allocated. And now, the key challenge is to properly direct these resources, deliver decent living conditions for people,” the President suggested.