06 April 2020

New measures taken to support business and the public

The President signed the Decree “On Additional Measures to Support the Population, Economic Sectors and Entrepreneurships during the Coronavirus Pandemic” in order to strengthen the social protection of the population and ensure the stability of the functioning of the economic sectors, as well as to provide support to individual economic entities.

From April 1 to December 31, 2020:

a) tour operators, travel agents and tourism entities providing hotel services (accommodation services), Uzbekistan Airways JSC and its structural divisions, Uzbekistan Airports JSC and Ufa Aeronavigation Center State Unitary Enterprise:

exempt from land tax and property tax;

pay social tax at a reduced rate of 1 percent;

b) payers of value added tax, the turnover on the sale of goods (services) of which does not exceed 1 billion soums per month and using electronic invoices, is entitled to calculate and pay value added tax on a quarterly basis;

c) the procedure for applying increased property tax and land tax rates in relation to unused production areas, non-residential buildings, including those identified before April 1, 2020, as well as interest and penalties for recovering debt arising from the application of increased rates, is suspended on the specified taxes.

The central bank should take measures to create conditions and simplify procedures for:

the provision by commercial banks until October 1, 2020 of deferred payments on loans to legal entities and individuals, individual entrepreneurs who are faced with financial difficulties;

non-application of penalties and penalties for overdue loans of borrowers whose activities were adversely affected by the introduced quarantine regime.

The amount of mandatory prepayment by legal entities for gas and electricity is reduced from 100% to 30%.