09 July 2020

The Russian Foundation will help introduce innovative projects in Uzbekistan

Together with the National Agency of the Project Office under the Office of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan (NAPU), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is launching a project to identify promising Russian technological projects for simplified introduction into the infrastructure of Uzbekistan.

Within the framework of the project, Russian technological companies will have the opportunity to offer their designs to experts of NAPU, a State authorized body in the sphere of introduction and development of the digital economy, Responsible for inter-agency project work on innovation and integrated infrastructure development.

Russian technological companies interested in expanding their presence and introducing promising innovative solutions in the Republic of Uzbekistan are invited to participate. The jury will consider projects in the following sectoral areas:

Energy and energy efficient technologies.

Digital agriculture, eco-farming and food production.

Ecology, Waste Management, Resource Conservation.

Digital Technologies for Smart City, Social Sphere and Housing.

Medical technologies and equipment.

Services and services based on distributed registry technologies.

Telecommunications, cellular and satellite communications, digital services for the public.

The most prospective projects of the NAPU will offer priority consideration of the conditions for the implementation of the Proof of Concept (Poc) phase at the infrastructure facilities of Uzbekistan, GR and PR escorting, assistance in hiring employees during the implementation of the pilot project or the Poc phase, as well as registration of the company’s representation in the International High-Tech Innovation Center «Delta city», which provides tax benefits and preferences.

For pre-selected Russian companies, with the assistance of RVC and NAPU, individual meetings will be organized with interested partners and customers representing leading industry corporations and companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan to discuss possible models of cooperation and commercialization of proposed projects.

JSC «RVK» – state fund of funds, institute of development of venture industry of the Russian Federation. The main goals of JSC «RVK» activity are to stimulate the creation in Russia of its own venture capital industry and to perform the functions of the Project Office of the National Technological Initiative (STI).