20 July 2021

The growth of the economy of Uzbekistan exceeded the last year’s period

The growth of the economy of Uzbekistan not only returned to the pre-dock period, but also surpassed it, follows from the data of the State Committee on Statistics.

In the first half of the year, the GDP growth rate was 6.2%. In the same period last year it was 1.1%, in 2019 – 6%:

The recovery is also indicated by the index of physical volumes of industrial production – 8.5% (in 2019 it was 4.8%, in 2020 a negative value of 0.3%).

Operating companies this year – 515 342. Last year there were 433 868, the year before last – 371 876.

According to the Ministry of Finance, in the first six months, state budget revenues amounted to 74.9 trillion soums, which is 16.7 trillion soums (+ 28.7%) more than the same period last year.

However, 10,957 (11.5%) taxpayers ended the first quarter with a loss, 29,677 taxpayers (31.3%) submitted zero calculations, and 54,323 taxpayers (57.2%) reported profits.


Source: Spot.uz