29 April 2022

From May 1, pensions and benefits increase by an average of 12%

From May 1, the amount of pensions, benefits and material assistance to low-income families increases by an average of 12%.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced the signing of the relevant decree at a meeting on social support for vulnerable groups of the population. The first information was published by the presidential press secretary Sherzod Asadov.

From the same date:

  • the basic value of the calculation of the pension is 324,000 soums;
  • the size of the pension by age – 633,000 soums;
  • the amount of benefits for children with disabilities – 697,000 soums;
  • the amount of benefits for elderly and disabled citizens who do not have the necessary work experience is 500,000 soums;
  • the amount of pensions by age and disability of persons receiving pensions in the amount of from the established minimum pension by age to 698,000 soums – 698,000 soums;
  • the amount of pensions, including allowances, for disabled people and participants in the war of 1941 − 1945, former minor prisoners of concentration camps in Nazi Germany and persons who worked during the blockade of the city of Leningrad – 3,080,000 soums;
  • the minimum pension per disabled family member of the recipient of the survivor pension is 500,000 soums with the payment of a pension to each next disabled family member in accordance with the current procedure;
  • the amount of the allowance per disabled family member of the recipient of the survivor benefit is 500,000 soums and an addition of 185,000 soums for each next disabled member of such families.

The minimum pension with incomplete work experience, taking into account the additional payment, increases by 14% – up to 500,000 soums.

From June 1, war veterans and disabled people, as well as the lonely elderly, will be paid a supplement for food and hygiene products in the amount of 1 RFS (270,000 soums). They will also receive 4,000,000 soums annually to compensate for the purchase of clothes.

In addition, as previously reported, employers will receive subsidies for the employment of persons with disabilities. For each such employee, they will be paid 400,000 soums for 6 months.