31 May 2022

Modern technologies will be introduced into the activities of the advocacy

Modern IT technologies will be introduced into the activities of the Bar. The President signed the relevant resolution.

According to the document, from January 1, the issuance of a license for the right to engage in advocacy can be issued through the “License” system. At the same time, the current procedure for passing the qualifying exam by the applicant is preserved.

In addition, to ensure the prompt receipt of information, electronic data exchange is being introduced between the bar, the court, law enforcement agencies and other government organizations.

Lawyers will be able to improve their skills, as well as provide assistance to legal entities and individuals online.

It will be possible to attract a lawyer at the expense of the state through random electronic selection with the exclusion of the human factor.

In addition, the collection of statistical information from lawyer structures in the traditional form is canceled with the introduction of automatic generalization of this information.

In connection with the introduction of modern technologies, it is planned to take all measures for the comprehensive protection and confidentiality of information.