30 January 2019

Created the Ministry of investment and foreign trade of Uzbekistan

On January 28, 2019 the President signed a decree establishing the Ministry of Investment andforeign trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan by merging the State Committee for investment and Ministry of Foreign Trade.

The new ministry is being created in order to ensure the broad attraction of foreign investment and  increase the efficiency of the organization of work on the development of foreign trade activities of the republic.

Under the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade formed:

  • Council on tariff and non-tariff regulation   
  • Foreign Investment Promotion Agency   to provide information and legal support to foreign investors, as well as solving emerging problems, providing them with services for the preparation of the necessary documentation;
  • Technology Development Agency   in order to search, attract and facilitate the introduction of advanced foreign technologies for the creation of production of competitive products with high added value.

The ministry will perform the functions of a working body for the effective use of unused production facilities, as well as for the development of investment projects (“road maps”) to restore the production activities of objects of private entrepreneurship.

Before  June 1, the President instructed to introduce   interactive investment map of Uzbekistan , reflecting the production potential and  each region’s demand for volume of investments, with indicating specific projects with  preliminary calculations and  other information of interest to potential investors.

Also for three months, measures will be taken to create abroad  distribution centers on the basis of public-private partnership for the organization of systemic deliveries of export products for the purpose of their subsequent sale in regional markets.