18 June 2020

UzAssets investment company established to sell state property

For the sale of state-owned enterprises according to international standards, investment company UzAssets is established, the founder of the company is determined by the Agency for State Assets Management.

UzAssets is entrusted with the tasks of pre-production training of companies with state-owned shares, increasing their investment attractiveness, analysis of their work, forecasting development indicators. UzAssets will set up a list of potential investors and hold a road-show – meetings between representatives of the company and potential investors before the enterprise enters the stock exchange.

In the first stage, companies transferred government shares in 10 companies for sale, and in 2021 it is planned to expand the portfolio to 50 assets.

At the moment the sale is envisaged: AO «Kvarz», AO «Kyzylkumcement», AO «Urganchsharob», AO «Uzbikiston shampani», GUP «Uzgeoranmet LITI», GUP «Uzshaharsozlik LITI», AG «Denov vino-arok», AO «Kafolat», AO «Olmazor», GUP «Shahrisabz Yulduzi».