11 June 2022

Uzbekistan-Iran: cooperation in the raw materials and investment field

Iran, which is a reliable partner of Uzbekistan, annually increases investments in the economy of our country.

In particular, Iranian companies are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation in the leather, footwear and fur industries.

At the meeting held at the “Uzcharmsanoat” Association with representatives of the Iranian company EXIM, issues of exporting finished and semi-finished products to Iran and increasing investment in the leather and footwear industry were discussed. The parties also discussed in detail the nuances of importing from Iran to Uzbekistan raw materials for the leather and footwear industry, in particular, polyurethane.

It should be noted that EXIM is a large export-import company. The organization is also a supplier of raw materials to Uzbekistan. Its qualified marketing team is actively exploring the possibilities of supplying Uzbek enterprises with raw materials that are not available in our country. The company pays special attention to the quality of its products and strictly observes consumer rights and national standards when making deliveries.

During the meeting, EXIM representatives expressed their interest in joining the “Uzcharmsanoat” Association. The parties exchanged views on the conditions and work to be carried out in this process. The guests noted that the opportunities and benefits provided by the state to the enterprises of the industry are growing from year to year.

During the dialogue, the issue of exporting semi-finished products from sheep skin (WET-BLUE) to Iran was discussed. The parties also exchanged views on actively attracting Iranian investors to Uzbekistan.

During the dialogue, it was also about more active attraction of foreign investments in the leather, footwear and fur industry of our country.

Today in Iran there is a growing demand for semi-finished leather products from the skins of small cattle, and Uzbekistan has a rich raw material base in this direction. To this end, the Iranian company has established cooperation in this direction with Kamron Business Stroy LLC, located in the Samarkand region. As a result of this cooperation, semi-finished products from the skins of small ruminants are now exported to Iran.

At the end of the meeting, practical aspects of cooperation with EXIM were discussed in detail.