15 June 2020

Uzbekistan resumes international flights

On 15 June, Uzbekistan resumed flights to other countries. A decision has been taken by the Special Republican Commission for the Preparation of a Programme of Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus.

Flights are resumed with countries where epidemiological conditions are improving. Flights may:

  • diplomats, consuls and their families;
  • foreign company specialists employed in Uzbekistan on investment projects;
  • persons transiting Uzbekistan;
  • foreign citizens registered in Uzbekistan; citizens of Uzbekistan registered abroad.

They were also allowed to fly in and out of the country for medical treatment and visits to seriously ill relatives and relatives. They were allowed to leave Uzbekistan in order to continue their studies or work.

List of “green”, “yellow” and “red countries:

“Green” countries with a stable epidemiological situation. Persons who had been in Japan, China, South Korea and Israel for the past 14 days were not subject to sanitary controls.

“Yellow” countries. Persons who have been in the European Union, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore for the past 14 days are subject to home sanitary control within 14 days.

“Red Countries”. Persons coming from the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia and other CIS countries are subject to quarantine control in special institutions in Uzbekistan within 14 days.