02 September 2020

Eco-cluster Bukhara Desert Oasis & Spa opened in Bukhara region

An innovative ecotourism cluster Bukhara Desert Oasis & Spa has opened in the Romitan district of the Bukhara region.

It was created on 10 hectares of desert steppe. An agroeopark and a greenhouse were created on an additional 30 hectare area. At the first stage, the facility will be able to receive up to 500 tourists.

Currently, the tourism cluster provides customers with 25 types of high-quality and unique services. Currently, the company employs over 50 people, and in the future it is planned to expand the staff and provide the local population with additional jobs.

Currently, the “Bukhara Desert Oasis & Spa” complex can accommodate up to 500 vacationers. But there are also additional projects there. According to the plan, the range of services of a fairyland located in the desert is gradually expanding, the implementation of large-scale projects continues.

“Bukhara Desert Oasis & Spa” offers visitors such services as an excursion to the ancient Varakhshan massif, the archaeological monument “Burantepa”, through the cluster, to the tent of the Emir of Bukhara Abdulahad Khan, accommodation in yurts, rest on the beach, massage, travel on sandy dunes by off-road vehicle, ATV and camels, a trip to a desert zoo, an ecological park, an innovative greenhouse, a tasting center, a restaurant (national, ancient and European dishes), staged performances (reception of the Emir of Bukhara), fashion show, a concert program, a summer cinema, a hookah bar , gift shop, soft drink bar, cafeteria and fast food on the beach.