23 January 2020

230 meters high twin towers to be built in Tashkent

On the territory of the former textile combine in Tashkent, it is planned to build a downtown (business center) with 230-meter-tall twin towers.

Two 50-story skyscrapers and 16 shopping, residential and cultural pavilions will be built on the territory of the Yakkasaray Small Industrial Zone as part of the Day and Night investment project.

The amount of necessary investment in the project is estimated at $1 billion. The investment project will be implemented in the context of 18 lots. The building area will be 1.2 million square meters residential and non-residential premises. Search for potential investors will begin in the near future. 

The annual income of the business center should be $ 500 million, which is more than 4 times the income of existing enterprises in the Yakkasaray refinery. In the business center, 20 thousand jobs will be created.

According to designers, there will be twin towers in the center, on top of which – two rotating spheres, representing the Sun and the Moon.