14 December 2020

The introduction of water-saving technologies in agriculture will be subsidized

The President adopted a resolution “On measures to further accelerate the organization of the introduction of water-saving technologies in agriculture.

According to the decree, the rate of implementation of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems, as well as a discrete method of irrigation with leveling the ground using laser equipment will be increased five times.

Based on this, in 2021, water-saving technologies will be introduced on 430 thousand hectares of land in the republic.

Of these, by aligning with laser equipment on the irrigated 200 thousand hectares, the efficiency of water use will be increased.

From 2021, the state will provide subsidies to agricultural producers to cover part of the costs of introducing water-saving technologies in the cultivation of agricultural products.

Agricultural producers who have purchased automated land-planning units with a laser installation produced by domestic producers are covered by 30 percent of their cost from the State budget.

Subsidies are allocated with the condition that the introduced water-saving technologies are applied for at least 5 years, and the land areas on which water-saving technologies are introduced cannot be optimized for at least 5 years.

Until December 1, 2021, a unified electronic information system will be launched, which will keep track of the consumption of electrical energy and the volume of discharged water in the republic at the operating 1,688 pumping stations of the Ministry of Water Resources.

Also, starting from the 2021/2022 academic year, a system of training, retraining and advanced training of specialists (consultants) for the implementation and application of water-saving technologies in professional educational institutions will be introduced.