19 April 2022

World Bank to grant Uzbekistan $20 million for digitalization of agriculture

On April 13, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Kakhramon Yuldashev and Director of the Center for Digitalization of Agro-Industry Saidazam Alimov met with representatives of the WB. The meeting was attended by representatives of research institutes, as well as developers from BePro.

The participants discussed the implementation of the project on the modernization of agriculture, implemented with the participation of the World Bank. BePro and the Center studied the digital infrastructure of 35 ministries and departments, as well as 14 organizations that are part of the agro-industrial complex.

As part of the project, an initial agreement was reached with the WB on the allocation of $20 million for the development of a single integrated platform “Digital Agriculture”.

Of these, $8.2 million will go to the land management system, $5 million – to water resources management. Another $6.8 million will be spent on purchasing equipment, preparing infrastructure and technical support.

The concept of the system of digitalization of the agricultural sector includes the following areas:

  • identification of crops in land management;
  • water resources management, determination of irrigation efficiency;
  • crop forecasting;
  • management of financial resources of the agro-industrial complex.

The World Bank “noted the high level of work carried out” from the Uzbek side, the report reads.