23 May 2022

View from the UK: Reforms have created a favorable investment climate in Uzbekistan

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in the UK, together with “Connect Real Estate Club”, held a webinar on the topic “Uzbekistan: Booming times of the Silk Road dreams”, dedicated to the economic opportunities of our country for foreign business.

The event was held in the format of speeches by speakers followed by an exchange of views, as well as question and answer sessions. More than 50 companies and investment funds from the UK, Australia, Italy, France, the USA and other countries took part in the webinar.

Representatives of the Embassy, as well as Deputy Director General of the Agency for Strategic Development of Uzbekistan Aziz Gafurov, who held presentations of investment and trade potential, the main aspects of the program of large-scale reforms carried out in the country, acted as panel participants.

Managers of “Quadro Capital Partners” (an investment group in emerging markets), “Asia Frontier Capital Ltd” (a private asset management fund in developing countries) and “CBRE” (commercial real estate) Charles McMac also shared their estimates regarding the investment climate, potential and prospects for the country’s development, business conditions.

Their speeches emphasized such factors as the recognition of the scale of economic liberalization in Uzbekistan, the formation of a new environment for constructive interaction between government and business, the processes of active industrialization of the economy, a significant resource base of the country, including human potential. Separately, new opportunities for foreign capital were noted as part of the privatization of assets in various industries.

The participants of the event agreed that thanks to the reforms being carried out in Uzbekistan, a favorable investment climate has been created in the country today, which opens up wide opportunities for doing business in many areas of the economy.