Term deposit “YANADA QULAY” U57

Term of deposit

25 months

Interest rate

5,5% per annum – from the 1 (first) to the12 (twelfth) month after depositing funds

5 % per annum – from the 13 (thirteenth) to the 25 (twenty-fifth) month after depositing funds 

Payment of interest on deposit

monthly in deposit currency

Minimum amount of initial deposit is


Deposit replenishment 

is available within the first 6 months after depositing funds. At the same time the minimum amount of replenishment is USD/EUR 500. 

Partial withdrawal

is not allowed

In the event of early claim of a deposit:

  • within 1 month, interest is not paid;
  • within 2 or 3 month, interest is subject to recalculation at 3% per annum;
  • within 4-6 months, interest is subject to recalculation at 4% per annum;
  • within 7-12 months, interest is subject to recalculation at 5,5% per annum;
  • within the13 month and up to the end of deposit term, interest is paid in full as per deposit terms and conditions.