The present Privacy Policy shall govern the policy and procedural aspects of the collection, use and dissemination of personal data through the app (hereinafter referred to as “App”).

For the purposes of the present Privacy Policy, following terms have following meanings:

  • “personal data” shall mean information to identify a person, including the information received through the person’s activities related to the use of the App and allowing to identify the user.
  • Executor – a legal entity that is engaged in the implementation of one or a combination of actions to collect, systematize, store, modify, supplement, use, provide, disseminate, transfer, depersonalize and destroy personal data;
  • Client – an individual who has downloaded the application on his device and is a user of this application

Using the App, the Client accepts the Privacy Policy provisions.

By registering and using the account in the App, the Client allows the collection, use and dissemination of his personal data in accordance with the present Privacy Policy and applicable law.


Each Client is entitled to use the App without disclosing his name or any personal data; hence, Clients of the App can remain anonymous until they decide to log in to the App.

For more comfortable use of the App when installing the App on a mobile device, Clients may be requested full name, e-mail address date of birth, gender, location (city), field of activity, etc. This information shall be included in the Client’s personal account created to use the App. Client’s personal account in the App provides the ability to identify each Client, including but not limited to, using Google profiles. Once logged into the App system, the Client provides access to his account on social networks.

Note! Client’s authorization through social networks provides to the Executor with access to all available information contained on social network accounts in accordance with personal confidentiality settings.

Personal information and personal data may include some information that is not directly provided by the Clients as the Executor also collects additional information related to access to the App. Additional information includes:

  • information about the Client’s mobile device (model, version of the operating system, unique identifiers of the device as well as data on the mobile operator and phone number);
  • records (log files) containing information about using the App or viewed information using the App;
  • location information (including GPS data sent by the mobile device, data from various coordinate determination technologies).

Each App Client is entitled to view, edit and delete personal information and personal data in his account.


Only authorized employees of the Executor involved in supporting the App functioning have access to the personal data of the Clients. Such employees shall strictly maintain confidentiality and prevent third-party access or unauthorized access to personal data.

Information related to access to the App can be used by the Executor to diagnose the operational capability of the App and to ensure high quality service to Clients. In addition, personal information and personal data can be used to analyze the customer behavior of Clients, to assess the interest shown in relation to various sections of the App.

The Clients’ personal information and personal data may be used by the Executor for administrative purposes, including internal investigations of violations the present Privacy Policy. All publications provided by Clients and identified by them as public shall be published in the App in the public domain, signed by the Client’s name specified when installing the App on the mobile device, and are available to all other Clients of the App.

The Executor reserves the right to share personal information and personal data of Clients with its founders and executives, as well as with all its branches, representative offices and other companies associated, but undertakes to require everyone who gets access to this information to comply with the terms of the present Privacy Policy.

The public data of the Client’s account in the App, as well as information about the activities in the App, can be used by the Executor for commercial purposes, including in advertising.

The Executor may use e-mail addresses to send updates or news of the App, wherein the Client is entitled at any time to refuse to receive such messages.


The Executor does not sell, provide on a rental basis and does not share Clients’ personal information with third parties, with the exception of business contacts in the interests of the Client. The Executor interacts with the government representatives in order to comply with the law.

The Executor is entitled to disclose personal data, presuming in good faith that he is authorized to do this and his behavior is justifiably necessary for compliance with the law, or the court process, or the requirements of governmental authorities; or in response to any complaints, or to protect the rights, property or safety of the Executor, its Clients, employees or society, including but not limited to, fraud, abuse, misuse or illegal use of the App.

The Executor is entitled to disclose to the official request of governmental authorities the information necessary for the investigation, including the name of the Client, address, phone, e-mail, date of birth, etc. The Executor provides copyright holders with all the necessary information to control the use of their intellectual property on the Internet.


The App is provided with instruments to ensure the safety and protection of Clients’ personal information and personal data from loss, abuse, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction.

The Executor draws attention to the fact that none of the existing methods of data transfer can be absolutely safe. Hence, the Executor, despite all the safety measures taken, cannot guarantee the complete safety of information and data.

The Executor shall not be responsible for illegal actions of third parties, hackers, cybercriminals and other violators of the applicable law, which may violate the terms of the present Privacy Policy and attempt receiving fully or partially personal information and personal data of Clients, as well as use it for personal purposes.

When working with the App, the Client is not granted intellectual property rights either to the App itself, or to the content associated with it.

The specified content of the App can be used by the Client only if he has received the permission of its owner or if such an opportunity is provided by law.

The present Privacy Policy does not grant Clients the right to use any distinctive elements of the App. The Client shall not delete, hide or modify the legal notices displayed in the App.

Particular functions of the App allow Clients to download, add, store, send or receive content. Moreover, all intellectual property rights in relation to such materials belong to the owner.

App systems automatically analyze the content the Client is interested in to provide information useful to the Client. In addition, this analysis shall identify spam and malware. It is executed during the sending, receiving and storage of content.


The App may contain links to other web-sites. The Executor is not responsible for the content and functioning of such web-sites and for ensuring confidentiality by them, as well as for any damage associated and arising as a result of Clients visiting such web-sites. The transfer of personal information when visiting external web-sites, even if they contain links to the Executor’s web-site or the App’s web page on AppStore or GooglePlay, shall not fall under the terms of the present Privacy Policy. The Executor shall not be responsible for the actions of such web-sites. In this case, the collection and transfer of personal information and personal data by Clients shall be regulated by documents on the use of such information posted on such external web-sites.


In cases where, in the Client’s opinion, the terms of the present Privacy Policy regarding personal data have been violated, or if there are questions related to confidentiality, Client shall use the feedback function and send the Executor the relevant request to the address specified on the App web-site and on AppStore or GooglePlay. The Executor shall check all notifications about alleged violations of rights and, guided by applicable law, terminates the accounts whose owners systematically violate the law or carry out other actions.


The Executor reserves the right to update, edit and amend the present Privacy Policy without notice to Customers. The effective date of such amendments is the date of publication of the updated version of the Privacy Policy on the App web-site and on the AppStore or GooglePlay website.