17 September 2019

Entrepreneurs are invited to invest in Abdullah Kadiri Park

The hotel is in a traditional style, catering facilities, a shopping arcade and more.

Entrepreneurs are invited to implement investment projects in the park named after Abdullah Kadiri, as reported by the Hokimiyat of Tashkent in the Telegram channel with reference to information from Business city projects.

We are talking about a park in the old city of Tashkent, which needs large-scale reconstruction. It is expected that a new monument to Abdullah Kadiri will be erected here and the park will be renovated so that it has its own unique appearance and reflects the era in which the writer lived.

The park area of 16.5 hectares will be divided into 14 different projects.

исламской цивилизации и комплексом Хазрати Имам.

It is expected that the park will be a continuation of the old part of Tashkent and will constitute a single architectural ensemble with the Chorsu Bazaar, under construction by the Center for Islamic Civilization and the Hazrati Imam complex.