16 March 2020

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan plan to construct a joint hydropower plant

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan continue to discuss a draft intergovernmental agreement on the procedure of joint construction and exploitation of hydropower plants in the Zarafshan River.

The construction of hydropower plants is planned to be carried out in several stages. First scheduled task is the construction of the Yavan hydroelectric station with an estimated cost of $282 million, a capacity of 140 MW, generating 700-800 million kWh of electricity.

At the next stage, the parties will consider the possibility of building a hydroelectric station on the Fan Darya River with an estimated cost of $270 million, a capacity of 135 MW, generating 500-600 million kWh of electricity.

The projects are planned to be financed by grant funds and money borrowed from international financial organizations, as well as the countries’ own funds.

The constructed hydroelectric power plants will generate up to 1,400 million kWh of ecological clean electricity exclusively for the needs of Uzbekistan.

The project will also help support the peak capacity of the unified energy system and create additional jobs during the joint construction and operation of hydroelectric power stations, as well as the flow of electricity to other regions of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan on a parity basis.