Household appliance repair company “Quality goods” PE

Lot № JAN-8-3

Entity Name:

Quality goods

Legal formation:

Private enterprise

Date of establishment:


Legal address:

Namangan, TC “Technomarket”

The main founders and their share capital:

Artykov Sultan Obidhonovich 100%

Branch of economy:


Output capacity

2 000 000pieces

Charter capital

60 000 USD

Total land area occupied

1 ha.

Buildings and structures:


Engineering infrastructure and supply (gas, water, electricity, railway):

Water, electricity, gas

Staff in total:

20 people

The essence of the request from the company  (need a credit, an investor for a share in the company, another)


An investor for a share in the company

Amount of required investment or credit (USD):

1 000 000 USD

Investment usage direction: (investment usage)

Buy equipment

PDF Form “Quality goods”PE


Phone for information+998 78 150 15 08

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