Diversified enterprise in the sphere of services “PALITRA” CE

 Entity Name:


Legal formation:

Cooperative enterprise

Date of establishment:


Legal address:

Republic of Uzbekistan, Almalyk city, industrial zone

Main founders and their shares in charter capital:

1. Leonid Peisakhodin – 100%

Field of activity:

Services sector

Information on company products and services:

Car repair work, car rental. Wholesale of spare parts, equipment, rolled metal products.

Charter capital:

3 000 USD

Total land area:

865 sq.m.

Constructed area (premises):

656 sq.m.

Available equipment:

Automotive technology, equipment, spare parts, machine tools

Photo of the object:

Photo of cadaster:

Available infrastructure:

Electricity, road access, railway

Total number of empoyees:

15 people

Estimated company value:

100 000 USD

The essence of the request from the company (need a credit, an investor for a share in the company, another)

an investor for a share in the company

Amount of required investment or loan (USD):

200 000  USD

Investment direction: (for what purpose you plan to use it)

Purchase of modern equipment for car service and tire fitting (machines, equipment, tools), building renovation, landscaping, new jobs, expansion of production.

Phone for information+998 78 150 38 38

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