LLC “METALCITYTORG”, engaged in the wholesale trade of ferrous metal

Lot No. № OCT-03-01

Company name:


Legal (organizational-legal) form:

Limited Liability Company

Date of formation:


Legal address:

Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Yakkasaray rn , st. Rakat 7

The main founders and their share in the authorized capital:

1.      Yuldashev Halim Inamovich – 100%

Field of activity:

heavy industry

Product information:

Wholesale trade in black metal

Project capacity:

20 billion soums per year

Authorized fund:

25,000 USD

Total occupied area:

150 m²

Area of buildings and structures:

150 m²

Photo or catalog of products:


Available infrastructure:

(gas, water, electricity, railway line)

Electricity, Gas, Water, Driveway, Railway

Total number of project personnel:

5 persons

Estimated value of the enterprise:

100,000 USD

The essence of the request from the enterprise:

Investor for a share in the enterprise

Amount of required investment or loan (USD ):

85,000 USD

Direction of investments: (for what purposes are they used)

Purchase of ferroalloys in China and sale on the market of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Monthly 50 tons.

There is a supplier and a buyer.

Project profitability over 250%

Start of the project after 1 month from the date of investment. Distribution of shares: 70% to the investor until the loan is repaid. After a 50/50 refund.


Phone for information: +998 78 150 38 38

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