Concrete products factory Presstone LLC

Lot № SEP-27-1

Entity Name:


Legal formation:

Limited liability company

Date of establishment:


Legal address:

Tashkent city, st. Amir Temur – Ergashev №2

Main founders and their shares in charter capital:

1. Kasimov Gayrat – 50%

2. Mukhamadaliev Ravshan – 50%

Field of activity:

Light industry

Information on company products and services:

Vibropressed paving slabs (pavers), blocks, borders and other concrete products

Project capacity: 

200,000 pairs

Export share in product:


Charter capital:

22 000 USD

Total land area:

0,8 ha.

Constructed area (premises):

0,66 sq.m.

Photo of the object:

Photo of cadaster:

Availability of technological equipment:

Type of equipment

Country of origin and manufacture

Vibrating presses

Poyatos Prima-L


Available infrastructure:

Gas, water, electricity, road access

Total number of empoyees:

11 people

Estimated company value:

500 000 USD

The essence of the request from the company  (need a credit, an investor for a share in the company, another)


Investor or sale of shares

Amount of required investment or loan (USD):

500 000 USD

Investment direction:  (for what purpose you plan to use it)

Base construction, landscape, purchase of raw materials and the production of floor slabs

PDF Form “Presstone” LLC

Phone for information+998 78 150 15 08

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