Construction company “ECOSTROY”

Lot No. OCT-18-01

Company name:


Legal (organizational-legal) form:

Limited Liability Company

Date of formation:


Legal address:

The Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent region, Bostanlik district, MFY Pargos

The main founders and their share in the authorized capital:

1.      Arkady Kim    – 90%

2.      Nurmukhammat Yusupov – 10%

Field of activity:


Product information:

Construction of the PARGOS CITY Cottage and Tourist Complex on 16.2 hectares of land, a “smart town” with its own infrastructure, mountain landscape, 68 two-storey cottages with an area of 200-350 sq.m., 117 apartments in 30 townhouses planned for sale, a hotel and an entertainment complex with a 4-star hotel, restaurants of oriental, European and national cuisine, fishing, a health complex, bike paths, swimming pools, saunas. Own security office. The whole complex is designed to accommodate 150-200 tourists and vacationers all year round. The cost of the project is $26 million, the payback period is 2 years.

Authorized fund:

870,400 USD

Total occupied area:

16200 m²

Area of buildings and structures:

16200 m²

Photo of the object:


Available infrastructure:

(gas, water, electricity, railway line)

Electricity, Water, Gas, Driveway

Total number of project personnel:

21 people

Estimated value of the enterprise:

26,000,000 USD

Amount of required investment or loan (USD):

26,000,000 USD

Direction of investments: (for what purposes are they used)

For the construction of “PARGOS CITY”

Phone for information: +998 78 150 38 38

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