10 April 2023

Instructions were given to support the initiatives of the population

Projects that failed to win the “Initiative Budget” will also receive funding. The corresponding instruction was given by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to responsible persons at a meeting held today, the press service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan reports.

In our country, targeted work is being carried out to improve the social infrastructure based on the requests and proposals of the population itself.

Within the framework of initiative budgeting, 57 trillion soums were allocated to 9.5 thousand mahallas over the past three years. At the expense of these funds, internal roads, kindergartens, schools and hospitals in 3.5 thousand mahallas were repaired, drinking water supply and sewerage networks were improved in 1.19 thousand mahallas, modern landscaping was completed in 452 mahallas.

Based on the principle “In the name of human dignity”, this year the amount of funds allocated to mahallas reached 25 trillion soums. In particular, 8 trillion soums are provided within the “Initiative budget”.

The first season of this program has just finished. The meeting presented a report on its results and future work.

In the first season, citizens voted for 34,000 project proposals to improve roads, water and electricity networks, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. According to the voting results, 1,666 projects were recognized as winners.

It is noteworthy that the activity of the population has increased significantly. For example, if 1.2 million people participated in the voting in 2021, this year the number of participants exceeded 16 million in the first season alone. Also, for the first time, all mahallas of the republic participated in the “Initiative Budget” program with their projects.

The head of our state stressed that along with the high-quality implementation of the winning projects, it is necessary to pay attention to the losing projects.

– For example, more than 2 thousand people voted for 1,300 projects, but they could not win. It turns out that the issues raised by more than 4 million people will remain unresolved. Therefore, we should support these good initiatives of the population, the President said.

It was decided to allocate an additional 1 trillion 300 billion soums for projects that received at least 2 thousand votes, but did not win the vote.

It is also important that 34,000 projects that participated in the Initiative Budget program are a ready-made basis for the formation of budgets for the next year. Thus, more than a thousand proposals were received for the repair of medical institutions in mahallas, over 5 thousand proposals for providing schools with desks and computers.

The President emphasized the need to take into account, when forming the budget for 2024, funding for those projects that received more than 1.5 thousand votes in the “Initiative Budget”.