25 March 2024

Trust in Uzbekistan is an incentive for investment

According to the report of press service of the head of our state, investment projects are being successfully implemented in all regions of our country, and the influx of new capital continues. The basis of this is trust in New Uzbekistan.

47 projects totaling $4 billion have also been formed in the Namangan region. Of these, 17 projects worth $2 billion 300 million were presented to the head of state today.

Investors are companies from Russia, China, Turkey, UAE, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Iran, Pakistan and other countries. Projects cover sectors such as building materials, electrical engineering, chemical, textile and food industries, pharmaceuticals, medicine, mining, fish farming and others.

For example, it is planned to mine and process copper in cooperation with China in the Chust region, organize the production and dyeing of synthetic fabric together with Pakistani investors in the Turakurgan region, and equip a trauma center together with an Austrian company.

As a result of the implementation of 47 projects, it is planned to create more than 40 thousand jobs.

The head of state talked with each investor and initiator. The economic efficiency of projects was discussed, and instructions were given to responsible persons to speed them up.