18 August 2023

Exporters will receive $100 million to compensate for logistics costs

The state plans to allocate $100 million to exporters to compensate for increased logistics costs, Spot reports with reference to the press service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Due to the unstable international situation, logistics costs have increased by 3-4 times. In this regard, the state will continue to support domestic exporters.

In addition to $100 million to compensate for increased logistics costs, $25 million will be used to cover costs associated with product certification abroad, the implementation of international standards and the training of specialists in this field.

In addition, it was decided to extend the program “New Uzbekistan – a country of competitive products” for this year.

The program started last year. Within its framework, a special credit, tax and customs regime has been introduced for 100 leading exporting enterprises.

This year, the number of enterprises covered by the program will be increased to 500. At the same time, all benefits for them will be preserved.

Separately, the head of state touched upon the issue of ensuring economic growth.

“We cannot ensure high economic growth through the sale of oil and gas resources, like some countries. We all need to know that we do not have such resources. And those that are, we need, as the population increases. We cannot sell [natural resources] abroad. We are doing a lot in this direction. God forbid, this winter the population will feel the work we have done. I will say it again: we cannot ensure high economic growth by selling oil and gas resources. Our “oil” and “gas” are valuable and high-quality products created by such enterprising and enterprising business people like you”, – Mirziyoyev said.