13 July 2023

Privatization of “Biokimyo” and Andijan biochemical plant has begun

The State Assets Management Agency has begun accepting applications for the privatization of state-owned stakes in “Biokimyo” and the Andijan Biochemical Plant, Spot reports.

76% of the shares of Andijan biochemical plant and 51% of “Biokimyo” are offered for sale. Both transactions are supported by the consulting company Abrau Capital.

Applicants are invited to express their interest in acquiring an asset (express of interest). Applications are accepted from both individual companies and consortiums.

You can make an application in Russian, English or Uzbek. It is required to attach information about the company, its shareholders and ultimate beneficiaries, as well as financial statements for the last three years.

Applications can be submitted to almo@abraucapital.com or d.rustamova@abraucapital.com. The deadline for submission is August 15, 18:00 Tashkent time.

Applicants who pass the first stage will be invited to submit a non-binding offer (NBO). After signing the non-disclosure agreement, they will also have access to the asset information memorandum.

You can learn more about the assets on the The State Assets Management Agency website: here (for “Biokimyo”) and here (for Andijan biochemical plant).

About companies

“Biokimyo” JSC was established in 2007 on the basis of the Yangiyul hydrolysis plant, built in the 1950s. The company is one of the largest suppliers of ethyl alcohol in Central Asia, having a complex for the production of alcohol from grain for 821.4 thousand decalitres per year.

Andijan Biochemical Plant has been producing alcohol, yeast and other products since 1953. In the 1990s, the enterprise underwent reconstruction, and since 2000 it has become a joint-stock company as part of Uzspirtprom (now Uzsharobsanoat). The plant can produce up to 1.83 million decalitres per year.