06 May 2022

The government commission at a meeting with entrepreneurs of the Ferghana region discussed the problems that they face in the process of economic activity

The Government Commission on Foreign Trade, Investment, Development of Local Industry and Technical Regulation under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan Sardor Umurzakov and as part of the heads of ministries, departments, industry associations and commercial banks yesterday left for the Fergana region to study the current state of socio-economic development of the region and develop measures to further stimulate it.

According to the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade (MIVT), during a visit to the region at the Palace of Entrepreneurs in Fergana, a meeting was organized with the business community and exporters of the region, at which the problems that business representatives face in the process of economic activity were comprehensively discussed.

The event was attended by more than 300 entrepreneurs who got the opportunity to voice private and systemic issues that arose during the implementation of investment projects, production and export.

The range of such issues mainly consists of problems related to financial support of initiators of investment projects and exporters from commercial banks, obtaining land plots, empty buildings and structures, promoting domestic products in foreign markets, obtaining various kinds of certificates and permits necessary for production activities, connecting to engineering and communication networks, as well as other relevant issues.

Each problem was studied and analyzed with the involvement of the heads of the relevant ministries, departments and local authorities of the districts and cities of the region. Mechanisms for the practical solution of each issue were developed and targeted instructions were given to the relevant managers on their comprehensive solution, indicating clear deadlines for implementation.

Experience in solving problematic situations of a systemic nature was adopted for the dissemination of specific algorithms at the level of the Government Commission and their subsequent implementation in other regions of the country.

During the meeting, constructive proposals of entrepreneurs to improve the business environment were also substantively considered, many of which were adopted for further study, analysis and implementation.

The meeting participants noted with great enthusiasm this format of direct communication, noting that regular dialogue between government representatives and the business world is an important factor in improving the business environment, stimulating the development of entrepreneurship and ensuring sustainable economic growth.

The meeting was broadcast online on social networks, which allowed entrepreneurs and exporters to remotely address their questions to the leadership of the Government Commission through the official MIVT resources on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. All received appeals received their specific decision and were taken under control.

Also, the heads of ministries, departments, commercial banks and local authorities were instructed to take the most active measures for constant, systematic interaction with the business community, promptly resolve all emerging issues and effectively respond to incoming appeals.

Following the meeting, the responsible managers were given targeted tasks to solve the identified issues.